SaaS Management which saves Money & Time
Save over 100 hours and 35% of your SaaS spend while giving your
IT Team complete control over your SaaS
Check what our clients are saying
SaaSDen’s intuitive Dashboard provides me with a clear view of my SaaS landscape. We discovered over 100 apps and subscription, which would have been a complete pain for us.
Daksh Goel
Founder, MysticLabs
Gain Visibility & Control
Gain a 360 view of your SaaS Landscape
Role Based Access to SaaS Apps
Monitor and Enforce a SaaS (Cloud) Policy and Standard Operating Procedure remotely
Automate IT
Grant and Revoke Access to all apps in few clicks
Automate repetitive and mundane tasks through workflows.
Configure 100s of management consoles from a single intuitive Dashboard
Optimize SaaS Spend
  • Stay on top of your expenses by monitoring renewals, utilization and prices.
  • Use SaaSDen’s custom reports and forecasts to cut costs and plan ahead.
  • Eliminate duplicate and unused apps while downgrading underutilised apps and renegotiate vendor contracts through SaaSDen.
Secure your Cloud Infrastructure
Ensure your apps are complaint and meet regulatory standards
Categorise apps as Owned, Approved, & Restricted based on policy
Get real time event-triggered security insights and flags based on log activity
Data Backup & Transformations:
Backup your employee's SaaS Data to the App owner with Role Based Access Control securely through SaaSDen
Gain complete control over your SaaS apps by backing them up into your own data lake or server
Refine and transform your SaaS Data to fit diverse teams needs and scenarios with ease
Why IT Teams Love SaaSDen
With 100s of mundane hours saved through SaaSDen's IT Automation Features, IT roles are now more aligned with Management Goals
SaaSDen's centralised conrol minimises IT interruptions, freeing your team to focus on what truly matters and streamline harmony with the rest of the organisation
Maximise IT Budgets and Elevate Expectations with SaaSDen, Facilitating a significant 35% reduction in SaaS expenses
More time spent focusing on high priority tasks like ensuring secure networks, reduce cybersecurity attacks and implementing new technologies
Security is the forefront of all of SaaSDen’s operations
Ensuring your trust and working with the industry’s best security and privacy practices os our top priority.
Discover all your Applications & Employees with access
SaaSDen saves money and time.
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